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Additional Programs

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide the best Early Childhood program while offering the most convenience for the families as they create a balance of family and career.

Summer School

Summer Time Fun: Our school program turns into summertime fun for the energetic and inquisitive child with outside learning. A variety of Special Weekly themed activities include sprinkler and water fun. The organic gardener, the study of entomology adds to our scientific outdoor discoveries. Tennis lessons are included in our summer camp and taught by a professional coach.  Good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for fellow teammates are emphasized. Outdoor fun offers opportunities for executive function, to prioritize, plan and negotiate our unstructured time.  


Last week is “Back to School Readiness.” 


Vacation Care

Vacation Care is available for added convenience. When school is closed on school breaks, or when you need an extra day of care, we offer extra care for your child.  We have an enriched curriculum to keep your child engaged and entertained.

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